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Offset Printing

When it comes to tube printing, offset printing is deemed as the most cost effective option. With this printing technique, Thai Viwat can print up to 8 colors plus matte or glossy varnish. Our machineries are equipped with both full tube and sleeve printing option. This enables us to supply shoulder printed tubes.

Silk Screen

This printing technique applies high ink volume onto tube sleeves, making it possible to print directly onto transparent and colored tube sleeves.

Hot Stamping

We offer hot stamping in gold, silver and colored foils. Hot stamping is an ideal option if you would like to give your product a luxurious finish or to highlight an important spot of your product.


Tube labeling can be a solution for both small and large volume. It gives flexibility and endless possibilities in terms of designs for the label.

Aluminum Foil Sealing

Foil sealing provides product protection. It ensures the security of our packaging as well as increases your brand’s value as consumers appreciate when steps are taken to protect the product. Foil sealing option is available for all tube diameters.

Metalized Caps

Metalized Caps give a more premium decoration on your product. You can choose gold, silver or other metalized colors.